Were you a Victim?

Were you just like the thousands of others who were lied to about this product?

Amazon and LandAirSea was notified multiple times about these violations of FTC laws, and yet did nothing to remove or change the information. Amazon is therefore silently complicit in defrauding their own customers by allowing LandAirSea to mislead them into believing the device is made in the USA. Amazon must surely know that if they remove this false information, sales will fall, so Amazon continues to propagate the misleading advertising in order to keep sales strong,

By clicking the link below you can also submit and may be eligible for a finical claim. Here is some of the information you will need to get started. You can help everyone by filing!


After going to the FTC website make sure to click on the “Report Now” button on the top left.

STEP 1: You will then be directed to a page asking what kind of report it is. We suggest choosing “Something Else” as the FTC will find the right department to get it to.

STEP 2: After clicking “Continue” it will ask you for the amount you paid for the unit and the subscription. Please make sure to enter in the correct values here.

STEP 3: For this step you will also need the Information of the company you are reporting which is provided below.

Company Legal Name: LandAirSea Systems

Address: 2040 Dillard Ct, Woodstock, IL 60098, United States

Phone+1 847-462-8100

STEP 4: Make sure to leave your story about when you purchased the device and what you were using it for. Also make sure to mention that the device is not made in the USA. That they are misusing the American flag for advertising purposes when the product is clearly from Taiwan and China. Lastly be sure to add pictures of your device showing this as well.

STEP 5: Your information should be provided to the FTC so they can contact you with updates to the case/complaint that was filed.

Once all steps have been completed you should get a FTC reference number regarding your case after clicking submit. Be sure to save this for a later date.

You are now helping the other thousands of people you were wrong just like you!